Keeping Independent Physicians & Practices SAFE and VIABLE
Through COVID-19 and Beyond

Nurse Checking Girl

I Have a Clinic


I Want to Help

For independent practices that have lost FFS revenue, or DPCs that want to add FFS offerings and alleviate medical surge, Poza Health connects Virtual Docs with real-life, procedure-ready physicians.

Nurse Talking to Patient

I'm Ready to Leave Corporate Medicine

For physicians, NPs, and PAs who have had enough of what corporate medicine has to offer, Poza Health provides a turn-key, private practice with full-service back end support for virtual care, home care, and per diem clinical space share.

Hospital Corridor

I Need Immediate Support

For clinicians experiencing hazardous or abusive work environments, illegal termination or compensation realignment, or for those who are suffering acute illness and need call coverage or other support, we are here for you.


Non-Medical Services Providers

For non-medical services providers seeking to help guide patients and clients through these troubled times, Poza Health connects patients with complementary care like addiction counseling, psychotherapy, spiritual ministry, yoga, and meditation.