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Our Direct Care Network

is the

Remedy to Corporate Medical Practice

and the

Path to Your Professional Liberation

Are you looking to keep yourself afloat financially during these uncertain times?

Are you dedicated to easing medical surge while keeping yourself and your patients safe?​

Are you eager to decompress outpatient clinics and keep patients out of the ED?

Poza Health protects physician and patient safety during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond while increasing access to care by maximizing the utility of our

Direct Care Network. 

Whether you want to enhance care for your existing panel, build your practice, start something new, or simply moonlight, we are here to help.



Medicine has always been a calling,

it was never meant to be just a job.

Physicians find the business of private practice daunting,

so they work for health systems and not for themselves.

SOLUTION: A turn-key, private practice with full back-end support so you can practice medicine the way YOU want.

  • We put all the infrastructure in place and your Virtual Assistant is available to help you directly.

  • We have stripped the cost centers out of our model to make exceptionally affordable care available to all patients, and of course, it's HIPAA compliant.

  • Our Direct Care Network of Member Clinicians and Practices work together to:

    • Restore clinician autonomy

    • Help a wide audience of patients in the most affordable way possible

    • Collaborate with colleagues on second opinions & specialist consults

    • Delegate call-coverage

    • Ease clinical & administrative burdens

    • Get access to our aggregated resources.


Stop working for someone else and let Poza Health work for YOU.

Doctor and Patient

Member Clinics

Our Member Clinics provide in-office care for patients of our Virtual Docs.  Clinics can earn facility-sharing fees by making their space available to the colleagues with whom they enjoy working.

  • Quickly increase revenue during utilization slump by easily accessing cash-pay, FFS patients outside of private payor networks.

  • Increase your permanent panel by making your practice available to a wider audience of patients in need.

  • Collaborate with other clinicians for second opinions and specialist consults.

  • Delegate call coverage so you can get some much needed rest and self-care.

  • Make complementary care, like psychotherapy, available to your patients at exceptionally affordable rates.

  • Avail yourself of our aggregated resources during inventory fluctuations.


You don’t work for Poza Health, we work for YOU.


Medicine as it is

Meant to Be

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic illuminated the unbearable travesties of the Industrial Healthcare Complex.

If your professional satisfaction has reached the limitations of what corporate medicine has to offer,

we offer you this simple, immediate solution for your professional liberation.

You can be self-employed today, with very little risk, and be

helping the patients who need you most,

while earning a respectable living.

Work as much or as little as you want.

Set your own fees.

Set your own schedule.

  • Clinicians can provide home-care, or offer their patients in-office care through our Member Clinics.

  • Our platform allows Clinicians to treat patients virtually and collaborate with colleagues for second opinions and specialist consults.

  • Poza Health has put in place everything you need to start caring for your patients immediately.  Our communication tools and technology are always HIPAA compliant including text, video, voice, and clinical record keeping.  Clinicians provide virtual care from their existing devices without disclosing personal information or phone numbers.

You don’t work for Poza Health, we work for YOU.

Calculate Savings

Financial Information

  • Our Membership Costs and Sample Pricing Matrix are structured to support a 1.0 FTE Annual Physician Compensation of $227,000.00 while offering quality care to income-suppressed patients for as little as $2.50 per minute.

  • For 1.0 FTE Clinicians using our communication tools and technology the cost is $439 per month and can be prorated for part-time and moonlighting.  We need all hands on deck to manage medical surge, and we welcome Moonlighting Residents. Residents are eligible for reduced Membership costs to ease their financial burdens.

  • For Established Practices that do not require use of our communication tools, the monthly cost is $125 per clinic and includes one Clinician Membership.  Additional Clinician Memberships cost $15 per clinician per month.  Member Clinics set their own fees for procedures performed on behalf of Virtual Docs.  Member Clinics set their own fees and protocols for clinical space share arrangements.

  • Members engage with Poza Health in a legally compliant manner.  This varies by state but typically will look like a Management Services Arrangement.  We are not your employer, we are your professional practice manager.  Payments collected for your services will be paid to youYour payments will be processed via IRS Form 1099.  This means that income tax, workers’ compensation insurance, and other customary withholdings are your responsibility.

Businessmen with Umbrellas

What about Private Insurance,

Medi-Cal/Medicaid, and Medicare?

  • Poza Health offers Direct Care Services so there is no insurance billing, though we are happy to provide patients with a superbill.  This means we can skip the credentialing process and get to work taking care of patients.

  • If you are already contracted with payors, no problem, the visit arises under Poza Health, so your payor contracts are not activated.  Alternatively, if you want to bill your payor contracts, Poza Health will collect a $5 fee from the patient at time of booking and you can process your own insurance billing.


  • Pipeline: Poza Health is in the application process with public and commercial payors, but Members will independently decide with which payors they want to be credentialed, if any.

Nurse Checking Girl

What else do you need to know?

  • All patient encounters must be properly documented per customary practices for your area.  Our communication app exports to EHR via PDF.   


  • If you provide home-care visits through our platform, we ask you to adhere to our Home Care Protocols.


  • We ask that you maintain your own professional liability insurance (med-mal).  If you only have an employer-based policy, we can help you obtain an individual policy.  Depending on your location, part-time policies may be available. Full-time primary care physician policies typically cost ~$2000 per year, and policies for NPs and PAs are often significantly less.


  • If you have an outpatient clinic, we ask that you maintain your own general commercial liability insurance (fire, casualty, slip & fall).  


  • If you are currently employed, your employer may need to consent to your Poza Health Membership.



If you are a clinician who is currently experiencing distress, we are here to help.

  • Wrongful termination

  • Unpaid isolation furlough

  • No or insufficient PPE

  • Acute illness requiring call coverage

Other problems?  Let us know what's up for you and how we can help

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Call us directly on (855) 769-2638 or email your Virtual Assistant.



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