Medical Practice Consulting

Wherever you are on your career path, our extensive knowledge, insight, and compassion can help you renovate your happy professional home.  Our initial consultations are always complimentary and have been for over 20 years.  Choose from one of our popular packages or build your own portfolio of services.

Wellness Check
Business Buddy
Financial Health Coach

Our Wellness Check is a diagnostic tune-up for your practice, including a comprehensive compliance evaluation. 

Wellness Check provides:

  • 1-2 Hour Video Conference with our Advisor Team

  • Triage of Financial Goals & Benchmarks

  • 32-point Operational Systems Assessment

  • 24-point Compliance Check

  • Written Treatment Plan for Corrective Action

Running a practice can sometimes feel lonely and unsupported.  Our Business Buddy program provides structured business and marketing consulting to keep your practice healthy and running smoothly.

Business Buddy is a monthly subscription and includes:

  • Monthly 45-Minute Video Conference with our experienced MBA Medical Practice Business Coach

  • Written Treatment or Wellness Plan, including Marketing Solutions

  • Structured coaching for implementation of your Plan

  • Unlimited email support to nurture you through the process

Most physicians are not MBAs.  Our Financial Health Coach program was designed for solo and small practices who need an affordable contract CFO experienced in medical practice management and growth.


Our Financial Health Coach package is a comprehensive financial solution including:

  • Quarterly 60-Minute Video Conference with your CFO to review financial performance and triage problems or strategize growth

  • Monthly Basic Bookkeeping Service using Quickbooks

  • Custom Financial Reports prepared on a quarterly basis

  • Semi-Annual Financial Benchmark Audit





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