Our Mission

Poza means both "joy" and "career" in different languages.  We believe, in our heart of hearts, that the practice of medicine shouldn't have to be this hard.  From decades of experience, we have cultivated keen insight and specific strategies that improve the everyday lives of physicians.  Unlike state-based or specialty-specific organizations, we are a national organization dedicated to restoring the joy  of medicine.


All of Poza's activities are guided by the brilliant, kind doctors on our Physician Advisory Board.  The goals and values of our shareholders are powerfully aligned with those of our physician members who directly benefit from our products and solutions.

Listen, don't let the systematic deprofessionalization of physicians by the industrial healthcare complex be the guiding narrative of your career.  We believe that by restoring joy to medicine through innovative and pragmatic solutions, we will not only help physicians increase the quality of their professional satisfaction, but we will also have a positive impact on patient healthcare outcomes.  Please join us! 





POZA has a federally registered trademark application pending. Any unauthorized use is expressly prohibited.